Friday, January 23, 2009

D Squared S|S 2009 'Charlie's Angels' Photographer: Marcio Madeira

Interesting take on the 70's with some snazzy tailoring and the best quality from Dean and Dan Caten so far. The over top twins were inspired by 'Charlie's Angels' and in particular Farah Fawcett. Oversized jewelled neck pieces, belts and harnesses on fluid jersey dresses through you back to the days of Halston and Studio 54. Sharp wide leg denim pants and fitted jackets teamed with American plaid shirts were strong looks.


Under The Root said...

i landed here and so happy to hear the sounds and see the disco ball!!!!
all my love!

Vintage Clothiers said...

Glad you liked it! Stop back often as I would like to do different themes from time to time, depending on the vintage clothing I feature. Disco will stay up for awhile as I have alot of items to sell in this era. xoxoxox Deborah @ vintageclothiers