Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vintage 1950s Awesome DOTTY MANN Ban-lon Ribbed Spring Ecru Sweater

This a beautiful Vintage Spring sweater from the 50s. It is made of textured yarn ribbed Ban-lon, and it is a pretty ecru color. It has a nice collar with a V-neck and double buttons six in a row down the front.

Three quarter sleeves make this a perfect fit for Spring or Summer evening weather.

This item is available at "The Vintage Boutique"


Jillian said...

This is such a beautiful sweater.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous Sweater!
Would be a great photoshoot piece.

Danielle said...

ooh. i love this style.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting my site and leading me here! I love your clothes.

Helen Cox said...

I love that Kimono Shirt the colouring on it is just lovely. I will be checking back for future updates!