Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some history on "TAP PANTS"

Tap pants are a form of lingerie worn mostly by women. It is also known by the names of French knickers, side-cut shorts, and dance shorts. As the name implies, they are a type of shorts, in that they cover the pelvic area and the upper part of the upper legs.
Tap pants look much like track shorts, allow freedom of movement, and can be worn as an outer garment over other types of underwear (g-strings). However, most wearers may wear them as innerwear or leisurewear with nothing underneath. From a distance, one could mistakenly identify tap pants as a half slip.

The name "tap pants" originates from shorts worn by tap dancers while practicing their routines.

Tap pants are mostly manufactured using materials like lace, silk, satin and cotton voile. Some pairs may have ruffles.


This is an unusual, but classic vintage tap dancing graphic from the 1930s. This diagram was used to help explain a certain step they called Sevens! We say it's 9 half ladies having a great time. This design can be purchased as an ornament, magnet, or mini button pinback. I found this image on a fun websight called CAFE PRESS.


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